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The hitchhiker was not afraid of anything


On a small country road on a sunny day, a beautiful woman is the thumb side of the road and mini skirt raised. A guy comes along and says he can not leave such a pretty girl like that alone in the middle of nowhere. He therefore requests a ride in his car … the chick is not thankless, thanking him for his kindness, she began a seduction number out of her bra her breasts and stroking her pussy through her panties. The guy is struggling to fix the road and it will not get better when she unbuttoned her pants to get out his erect penis and nibble him the tip of the glans. It is too much, he can not drive in these conditions then it stops at the first hotel in sight and without waiting, he takes the little that remains of clothing and fucks wildly in all positions that come in mind. It is a medley of sighs, moans that excites strongly lovers a day and is in his mouth he finally finds the fullness of this frantic fuck.

Date: April 13, 2020

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