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The greed of sex is not a bad thing


A pretty brunette whose greed is the biggest sin, look at her husband’s nasty look. She leans over him with a smile that hints at his intentions. She opens his pants and feigned fellatio through underwear, showing off her beautiful breasts. Her husband by grabbing the guide by the hair. Mouth open, tongue hanging out waiting for this. She grabs the tail already swollen with pleasure and swallows generously. She explores this huge dick she sucks, licks, it’s hard to contain in his mouth, but that’s what she wanted this big slut! She feels the penis swell according to his comings and goings sometimes fast, sometimes slow. With two hands, it sticks the cock between her big boobs to begin a terrible tit. The urge to suck is stronger than anything and it starts to pump more than reason. Her husband takes things in hand, he withdrew from the mouth and tidying themselves to bring the sweet liqueur that looks forward. When the time came, she took the pad in the mouth that pours into it the hot liquid and tasty it does not lose a drop.

Date: March 29, 2020

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