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Intense sex before the big fiesta


Our couple is preparing a big party: alcohol, flower lei, fruit baskets … It looks pretty good. But while they are at the wad in their preparations, the guy in yellow T-shirt by putting their hands on the shorts of the other and began to massage her sex with insolence … The other is taken from a shudder. Sex reacts immediately and starts at attention you, his mouth close to that of Brown and catch in him thrusting his large tongue … thing led to another, you guessed it, our two pigs eventually remove their knickers and to pump the rod as two hungry. Their body of Apollos, muscular perfection, excite them like furies. Their big gender, erect block, come and go in their mouths, are becoming increasingly threatening … And soon it’s soda! The most manly of the two takes the other and penetrates to the hilt, feeling his ass with flexibility and expand his body tense up. Screams, growls and blows rained pestle in the party room, and lead us straight to an explosion of cum insured!

Date: March 17, 2020

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