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An androgynous creature in the massager


The nice masseuse waiting for his client in the comfort of his living room. When she arrived, he immediately found his taste. She had an angelic face and her body seemed perfect. She was equally appealing and immediately made him understand that ordinary treatment would not be enough. He began to caress her thighs and he felt the desire rising in her. It was no surprise when he saw between the two legs of the brunette seemed to draw a bump similar to hers … Not at all disgusted by this amazing surprise to say the least, he was rather curious to see the member This incredible creature. He had not dreamed of. Their two penises were now exposed, well-trained one to another. The man took one of the lady in her mouth and sucked it as he wanted it sucks. The beautiful freed her breasts from her bra and grabbed fervently. She turned and presented her ass to her new lover. Without hesitation, he installed the chick on him and pierced his dick too hard. For the first time in his life, man will ejaculate over by a bitch and he will love it …

Date: April 2, 2020

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